Hello I’m Heather, thank you for visiting my blog (I hope it can transform to a website later). I’m designing prints by myself, and Addicted2Prints was started as a place to collect print design inspirations at first.After about 3 months, I started to take it more seriously. Now I’m trying to turn it into a source of inspirations for art, fashion and creativity.

Two main categories of this blog are Art of Fashion and Discover Artist.

In Art of Fashion, you’ll find

In Discover Artist, I share the work by creative talents from around the world almost everyday. Art types include videos, photography, illustration and many more! And there are some architecture and interior design projects here.

I also added some projects made by myself: Addicted2Prints and #ArtRemixedFashion. I’ll keep updating them.

I’m still experimenting with the contents. Any feedbacks, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for visiting, subscribing & supporting.

xx Heather

My Instagram @addicted2prints


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